FMC House Cats

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Usher is the self proclaimed "Alpha Kitty" and as he sees it, he rules the FMC roost. He is a sweet boy, who just loves kisses and anyone who will pet him. He's usually the greeter and hangs out at the reception desk, just awaiting the next kiss.


Monday, is the clown of the office and would love to be held all day long. He has also been approved as a "pet therapy" cat by the SPCA and visits local schools and nursing homes to bring love and affection to people who would like to have a kitty visit. For him, the more people to love him, the better!


Lovebug is our quiet sweet girl. She is great at playing hide-n-seek and will always keep you guessing, "Where did that kitty go"? She finds the best hiding spots but they are always the most comfy.